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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Everything You Need to Know about Solar Panels

Are you concerned about the integrity of the environment or perhaps looking for new ways at benefiting from the energy the environment has to offer? Do you already own a specific energy system, and would like to lower your carbon emissions?

With the growing effects of global warming and carbon pollution, environmental conservation has become a priority. In addition, the rising costs of energy products is on the rise, thus switching to greener forms of energy that still allow you to meet the energy requirements for your home or business is an important step towards protecting our environment from further threats.

Have you considered switching to solar panels? As they can provide you with an effective energy source to meet your energy needs at an affordable price.

Here you will find answers to the vital questions you might have about solar panels.

  • What are solar panels?
  • How do solar panels work?
  • Main types of solar panel
  • Why choose solar panels?
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What are solar panels?

A solar panel converts sunlight into an electric current or heat used to provide electricity for home or building. Solar panels are constructed as a collection of lots of small solar cells that are spread over a large area to provide enough power.  The larger the concentration of light hits the cell the more electricity or heat is produced.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by converting light photons into electricity through the solar photovoltaic (PV) effect. This allows for direct conversion of sunlight into solar power, or electricity. Solar panels use layers of semi-conducting material, most commonly silicon. PV’s are measured by kilowatts peak (KWp).

This measures the rate solar panels generate energy at their peak performance with direct sunlight in the summer. Solar panel cells can either be mounted on rooftops or on the ground, alternatively you could have solar tiles fitted instead, thus completely replacing the already existing rooftop.


Main types of solar panels

When considering solar panels there are two main types to choose from:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) systems are made up of a collection of photovoltaic solar cells. These individuals cells are usually small and produce around 1 or 2 watts of power. To get the most out of these in terms of power output, these cells are connected to for a larger unit called a module. This module can be connected to another larger unit to form an array that produces even more power.
  • Solar thermal systems (solar water heating systems) are made up of collectors (types of solar panels) that are fitted to your roof. They collect heat from the sun and can be used to heat water for immediate use or water stored in a hot water cylinder.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems work based on the process of solar thermal heating using the suns by absorbing the sun’s energy and then converting it into heat that can be transferred into your home or business to be used for hot water heating and space heating. The heat is generated from solar panels (collectors) that are mounted on rooftops.

Why should I use Solar Panels?

Renewable energy source

Solar panels only use sunlight and are pollution free.

Reduced electricity bills

Hybrid solar panel systems will reduce your electricity bills up to 100%.

Reduced independence

Be independent from fossil fuels.

Long lifetime

Hybrid solar panel systems have a guaranteed electricity production of up to 30 years.

Completely silent

Solar Panels make no noise and are completely silent.

Increased home value

Solar panels will increase the value of your home.

Can be installed anywhere

Solar panels can easily be installed on roofs, on terraces and in gardens.

Free energy source

Solar energy is 100% free energy.

Zero to no maintenance

No moving parts equals zero to no maintenance required.

Long warranties

Our hybrid solar panel systems all come with long warranties.

Easy to install

Hybrid solar panel systems can easily be installed anywhere.

Smart investment

Solar Panels are a good investment that can be earned back.

Smartphone integration

Most of our hybrid solar panel systems can be edited, controlled and monitored by smartphone app.

Would you like more information?

Choosing the right system for your requirements can be hard and time-consuming. At Solar Power Systems we would be happy to help you with more information and choosing the right system for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our webshop!

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