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Pellet Stoves

High-end pellet stoves from a top-quality brand

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are stoves in which wood pellets are burned. The pellet stove looks like a normal wood stove in which wood is burned, because of the window in which the flame is visible.

Pellets are made from cellulose-containing materials such as straw, miscanthus, olive seeds or artichoke residues, but the burning properties of these materials are (as yet) less optimal than those of wood pellets. Some pellet stoves can also burn other granular fuels, for example corn, cherry seeds or olive seeds.

Ecoforest Pellet Stoves

For pellet stoves, we work with a company called Ecoforest. Ecoforest started its activities in 1959 in order to make a better world. Their stoves are from top-quality materials and are known as one of the best pallet stove brands on the market.

Control from anywhere

Manage and control your pellet stove from anywhere in the world and at any time using the smartphone/tablet app.


Co2 and pellet stoves

Burning wood is believed to be CO2 neutral. The amount of CO2 released during combustion corresponds to what the tree has absorbed from the air during its lifetime. However, like any other type of device, the energy consumption and emissions related to the manufacture, transport, placement and installation as well as the maintenance and repair of the device and the electricity consumption of the installation, as well as the manufacture and transport of pellets have to be taken into account.

air pellet stoves solar power systems

Air Pellet Stoves

Air pellet stoves produce energy through combustion of the biomass fuel and delivers it through the air using a high efficiency heat exchanger, the hot air is propelled by  a convecdtor towards the room to be heated.

They are designed in such a way that they meet the aesthetic and energy needs for each home with an easy, fast and economical installation.

Ducted Air Pellet Stoves

Ducted air pellet stoves allows distribution of heat through a series of ducts installed in the house. These pellets stoves are the solution for users that are looking for a clean, natural and very effective heating system, that want to heat different areas of the house.

hydro pellet stoves solar power systems
Hydro Pellet Stoves

The new high efficiency heat exchangers for pellets boilers and water heaters, increases the heating transmission of traditional boilers. This increases the overall performance and savings of our products, thus achieving greater comfort with lower fuel consumption.

Pellet Boilers

The future of pellet boilers is the production of machines with an efficiency of over 90% and reduced emissions, to the point that ensures the quality of the air. Some of the pellet boilers have been approved to be classified as Class 5, which guarantees compliance with the most demanding European standards and therefore, making them suitable for commercialization in any European country.

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