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Pool Heating

Why only enjoy your pool for just a couple of months per year?

Swimming Pool Heating

We all enjoy swimming in our pools. However, many months during the year you won’t be able to. If you want to swim more than just a couple of months in summer, you can realize this by pool heating systems.

Without pool heating, the swimming pools in Spain will be far to cold to swim in, except for the summer months.  Even sport swimmers won’t jump into a 16 degrees pool. With pool heating systems you can extend the swimming season for months, and even swim throughout the year.

The most important thing to think about when buying a swimming pool heating is making the following choice:

1: I want to extend the swimming season.

2: I want to be able to swim all year / I want to be able to swim whenever I want to.

When you want to extend the swimming season, the best systems would be solar pool heating. This can be done by polypropylene mats or glass collectors. When you want to have a warm pool all year, or whenever you want to swim, we advise a pool heat pump.

”The most important question to ask yourself when buying swimming pool heating is weather you want to extend the swimming season or swim throughout the year”.

Our Swimming Pool Heating Systems

Pool Heating by Polypropylene mats

solar pool heating panel collector

This system circulates pool water through black polypropylene mats and back into the pool. The temperature of the water is raised significantly as it passes through the mats. To control the temperature of the pool water, a differential thermostat can determine whether or not additional heat is needed.

This system will extend the swimming season, and will make it possible to swim from April until October. The system will make the pool water about seven degrees warmer, combined with a pool cover.

Pool Heating by Glass collectors

glascollector 2 solar power systems

Solar heating by glass collectors works a little bit different. The sun will heat up liquid inside the glass collector, mostly water, and this liquid will heat up the pool water through a heat exchanger. This system will extend the swimming season even more than polypropylene mats. On average, the swimming season will be extended by 1 to 2 months more. On average, your swimming pool will be up to 7 degrees warmer, in combination with a pool cover.

When comparing glass collectors with polypropylene mats, there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages. We will give you more information about the differences below.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

solar power systems heat pump zodiac

A pool heat pump is the most efficient pool heating system. A heat pump can easily heat up your swimming pool in order to swim all year. The big advantage of heat pumps lies in the fact that they produce more energy than they consume. This means that for every kWh paid to the electric utility, three to five kWh of thermal energy are obtained to heat up the pool.

Heat pumps can also be turned on and off whenever you want to and are much more efficient than oil and gas systems.