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Solar Lighting

The best and smartest solution for outdoor lighting

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is the clean, efficient and economic future of outdoor lighting.

Grid-tied exterior lighting is often a costly and awkward solution. Required trenching and wiring may necessitate tearing up existing gardens, paving, parking lots and sidewalks. Because solar lights are powered by the sun, solar lighting eliminates wiring, trenching, and other installation costs associated with grid-tied lights.

solar lighting solar power systems

How does Solar lighting work?

Solar lighting is a lighting system composed of one or more LED lights, one or more solar panels, a battery and a charge controller. In some cases, an inverter is used. The lamp operates on electricity from the battery, which is charged using a solar photovoltaic panel.

Solar powered lights can replace other light sources on much lower operating costs using free and renewable energy from the sun. In addition, they are weatherproof and require no separate power cables.

We did the testing for you!

Many shops around the Costa Blanca sell solar lights. Our experience has shown us that almost all lights are of very low quality and will stop working after a small period. When they don’t break quickly, they mostly only lite up for a couple of hours, instead of the whole night. When they have a movement sensor, they work most of the time, but when you really need it, the sensor often does not work as advertised. This is exactly why Solar Power Systems has invested a lot of time into finding the right solar lighting products.

house and garden solar lighting solar power systems

House and garden lights

The great benefit of solar house and garden lighting is that they can easily be placed anywhere. Often, it takes a lot of work to bring power to the place that you want to have lit. With solar lights, you will only have to mount the light and that’s it.

Path and stairs lights

Solar path and stairs lights will make paths and stairs clearly visible. They are easy to install and can be supplied with both screw and adhesive mountings.

solar lighting lanterns solar power systems


Solar lanterns are perfect for gardens. They can be supplied in modern looking designs and more traditional looking designs.

solar lighting street solar power systems

Street lights

These lights provide a convenient and cost-effective way to light streets at night for pedestrians and drivers, without the need of the power grid.

solar lighting pool solar power systems

Pool lights

These lights switch on and off automatically, charge underwater, use LED lights, are robot proof and are suitable for both chlorinated and salt water. The lights are installed with a supplied adhesive making them very easy to install. On a normal charge, the lights will light up your swimming pool for an average of 7 hours. The lights are available in white and blue color.

solar lighting billboard solar power systems

Billboard lights

Solar billboard lights come with special brackets to lite up billboards. With these lights, billboards or road advertisements will be clearly visible at night.

Why use Solar Lighting?

Renewable energy

Solar lighting only uses sunlight and is pollution free.

Reduced electricity bills

Solar lighting will reduce your electricity bill.

Very easy to install

Solar lighting is very easy to install.

Light everywhere

Because no wiring is necessary, solar lights can be installed anywhere. 

Free energy

Solar energy is 100% free energy.

High efficiency

Solar Lighting always works, even when it has been a cloudy day. 

Smart investment

Earn back your solar lights in no time!

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is ideal for the use of any solar system!


Check out our webshop where we offer many different types of solar lights. 

Would you like more information?

Choosing the right system for your requirements can be hard and time-consuming. At Solar Power Systems we would be happy to help you with more information and choosing the right system for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our webshop!

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