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Solar Pool Lighting

Why doesn't every swimming pool in Spain use this?

Solar Pool Lighting

A pool lighting system without cabling, no risks of leakage and installed within minutes? This is now possible with solar pool lighting!

Solar Pool Lighting systems are a great alternative to normal pool lights. They offer many advantages over traditional lights and are perfect for residents of the Costa Blanca.

How does Solar Pool Lighting work?

The Solar Pool Lights work thanks to solar energy. The large photovoltaic panel will capture energy underwater and stores this in a battery. When it gets dark, the light will automatically turn on in order to light up the pool.

The lights are configured to store one hour of autonomy per one hour of sunlight when the lights are facing the sun. The average autonomy is seven hours at 320 lumens with seven hours of exposure.

Because the lights are solar powered, they do not need any electricity. In addition to not being connected to the power network, the LED’s operate with a voltage lower than 4 volts. This means that there are no electrical hazards.

Each solar light can illuminate a surface of approximately 15 to 20 square meters. They are suitable for both chlorinated and salt water and they are robot proof.

The three best features

Easy installation: Mount your solar pool lights within minutes, without emptying your pool.

Only sunlight: The lights only use sunlight which makes them very environmentally friendly and causes them to have no running costs.

No wiring: Since the lights only use sunlight, no wiring is needed. This also causes no risk of leakages.

solar pool light2

How are they installed?

Installing these lights is very simple and anyone can do it. No drilling is necessary, and the pool will not have to be drained. The light is mounted onto the wall with an included underwater adhesive. The lights can be installed on almost any type of surface. They are installed as follows:

  1. Remove a sticker on the back of the light before installation.
  2. Take the adhesive and cut of the nozzle.
  3. Apply the adhesive onto the back of the lamp.
  4. Mount the light onto the swimming pool wall. In order to mount the light straight, it is best to install the light with 2 persons.
Materials and certification

The Solar Pool Lights are made of high-quality materials and components, fulfilling RoHs certification. It’s unique solid-state seamless encapsulation, with no air inside, allows a high performance in both solar energy reception and night-time lighting.


Automatic on/off

Underwater solar charge

Lithium battery

LED Lights

Underwater mounting

Adhesive included

Robot proof

For chlorinated and salt water

No cables

Installed without emptying the pool

Very easy installation

Designed and made in Spain

Technical details:

4-volt LED’s

320 Lumens

Weight 1.2kg

Dimensions diameter 310mm, height 12mm

In the box:

Solar pool light

Adhesive for mounting

Installation manual


Moonlight white (White)

Night Blue (Blue)


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Would you like more information?

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