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Energy Saving Pool Filter Pumps

Energy Saving Pool Filter Pumps

Everyone is conscious about the environment, water and how much your swimming pool is costing you. A solution to reduce your environmental impact and electricity bills are our Energy Saving Pool Pumps.

The energy saving pool pums of the Viron range, are designed to save energy and be more quite. The viron range is the perfect choice for people who want lower electricity bills and who want to redure their environmental footprint. 

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Why use Energy Saving Pool Filter Pumps?

Variable speed

Full variable speed from 600 RPM to 2850 RPM

Low energy use

Speed tailored to your swimming pool will mean a dramatic reduction in energy use. 

Reduced electricity bills

Energy saving pool filter pumps will reduce your electricity bills drastically.

Easy to install

Energy saving pool pumps can be installed on almost any swimming pool.

Long lifetime

Lower speed means lower pressure. This will extend the lifetime of the filter-pump. 

A Crystal clear pool

Energy saving pool filter pumps will ensure a crystal clear and healthy pool. 

High efficiency

Energy saving pool pumps have an incredibly high efficiency.

Easy service

A fully serviceable motor ensures a long life and easy repairs. 

Huge savings

Save up to a 750 euros per year. 

No noise

Energy saving pool filter pumps make a lot less noise than normal pool filter pumps. 

Incredible efficiency and no noise

Energy saving pool pumps are incredibly efficient and reduce operating costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure. A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and the pump has unique features such as overdrive and fast prime. The viron range pump is the most versatile variable speed pump on the market. Lower speed means less energy used. Less energy used means lower electricity bills.

Besides lower electricity bills, running at a slower speed also means that the filter pumps will be a lot less noisy. 


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