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Off-grid Solar Panels

Off-grid Solar Panels

Off-grid solar panels are not connected to the main power grid and therefore require battery storage for when there is no sunlight.

An off-grid solar system must be designed appropriately so that it will generate and store enough electricity to meet the home’s requirements when there is no sunlight. Off-grid solar systems are more expensive than grid-tied solar systems because batteries are relatively expensive.

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Why Off-grid Solar Panels?

Renewable energy source

Off-grid solar panels only use sunlight and are pollution free.

Reduced electricity bills

Off-grid solar panels will reduce your electricity bills up to 100%.

Reduced independence

Be independent from fossil fuels.

Long lifetime

Off-grid solar panels have a guaranteed electricity production of up to 30 years.

Completely silent

Off-grid solar panels make no noise and are completely silent.

No grid costs

No expensive grid maintenance costs and taxes.

No expensive connections

Getting connected to the main power grid connection is often incredibly expensive.

Free energy source

Solar energy is 100% free energy.

Zero to no maintenance

No moving parts equals zero to no maintenance required.

Long warranties

Off-grid solar panel systems all come with long warranties.

Easy to install

Off-grid solar panels can easily be installed anywhere.

Smart investment

Off-grid solar panels are a good investment.

Smartphone integration

Most of our off-grid solar panel systems can be edited, controlled and monitored by smartphone app.

How do Off-grid Solar Panels work?

Solar PV panels collect the sun’s energy and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter converts the DC electricity from the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, the type of electricity we all use at home. This electricity can be used for any application and will cost you nothing.

When the solar PV panels are generating more electricity than your house needs, the excess electricity is stored inside batteries. The electricity stored inside the batteries can be used at times when there is no sunlight. This can be at night or during very dark days. The batteries in our systems are always configured in a way that they can supply you with electricity for at least three days.

Below, will we give you an overview of the materials used in an off-grid solar PV panel system.

Information Pages

Check our information pages for detailed information about Solar PV Panels.

1: Solar Panels

The solar panels will catch the incoming sunlight and convert it into electricity.

2: Inverter

This device converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

3: Batteries

The batteries are used to store excess electricity and will supply the house with electricity when there is no sunlight.

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4: Charger

This device controls the charging current that goes into the batteries.

5: Backup generator (optional)

Our off-grid solar PV panel systems have the possibility to connect a backup generator. The backup generator will turn on automatically when the electricity in the batteries goes below a certain amount.


Lead and Lithium

At Solar Power Systems we use two types of batteries. Lead based batteries and Lithium based batteries. Lead based batteries have been the norm, but lithium-based batteries are the future.

Value for money

Since 1994, Solar Power Systems has been testing and using many different brands of batteries. Because of this, we know exactly what the best batteries are best and which batteries offer the best value for money.


At this moment, lead-based batteries are the cheaper option, but they need some maintenance. Lead based-batteries also come with rules that will have to be followed, in order to extend their lifetime. Lithium based batteries are more expensive, but do not need maintenance, and have no rules to follow. 

How much energy do I use?

In order to choose the right off-grid solar panel system for your needs, we must first find out what your average electricity use is. To do this, you can check your energy bill. When the energy bill is not clear or does not show your average use properly, we can install a temporary electricity meter. This device will measure the electricity used in order to give a clear indication of your average use.

Average use

The average use of a Spanish home without swimming pool is about 8 kWh per day (24 hours). A swimming pool filter-pump is not calculated in this example. We always advice to let this filter-pump run at night during the night tariff, or we advise a separate solar pool filter pump. For more information about solar powered pool filter-pumps, click here

An example

To give you an idea of how much electricity is used by an average home per 24 hours, we give you a small example of what 4 kWh entails. 4 kWh is about half of what the average Spanish home uses per 24 hours.

4 kWh

10 Light bulbs 5-12W – 3 hours per day – 215Wh

42-inch TV – 4 hours per day – 480Wh

Cold washing machine – 0.5 hours per day – 250Wh

Refrigerator A++ – 24 hours – 720Wh

Microwave oven – 0.2 hours per day – 140Wh

Oven – 0.5 hours per day – 900Wh

Washer dryer – 0.5 hours per day – 900Wh

Laptop – 2 hours per day – 150Wh


Would you like more information?

Choosing the right system for your requirements can be hard and time-consuming. At Solar Power Systems we would be happy to help you with more information and choosing the right system for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our webshop!

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