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Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

The production of domestic hot water is a major expense on the utilities bill of any home or business. You can reduce these expenses up to 70% by using solar water heating systems.

Water heating expenses can be reduced drastically by using the free energy that our houses receive every day. Solar water heating can be one of the biggest energy savers you can utilize. The Costa Blanca is ideal for these systems, where they can provide free hot water all year round.

solar water heating solar power systems

How does solar water heating work?

Solar water heating is a very simple system. Special solar panels, called solar collectors, are installed on a roof or in the garden. These collectors collect heat from the sun and use it to warm up water. This water is stored inside a hot water cylinder. The water stored in this cylinder is directly available for any domestic use.

Is solar water heating suitable for my home?

Almost every house is suitable for solar water heating. All you need is a space on your roof or in your garden of about 3 to 4 squared meters, facing east, west or south.

Compact Roof System

This is a solar water heating system whereby both the solar panels and the deposit are placed on the roof. This eliminates the need for a pump and other hydraulic elements, thus simplifying the overall installation.

solar water heating roof compact system solar power systems

Split System

With this solar water heating system, the panels are placed on the roof and the deposit is placed inside the house. This reduces the aesthetic impact of the installation, because there will be no deposit on the roof. Since the deposit may be placed at various locations, it can be located closer to the main distribution points, allowing quicker access to the warm water.

Drain-back System

A drain-back system automatically empties and drains the collector(s) whenever the system is turned of, or when the collector temperature stays outside a specific temperature range. A circulation pump shuts itself down and then gravity drains the water to the storage tank and heat exchanger. The durability and the reliability of the system are largely explained by the use of gravity draining water instead of pressure and glycol.

solar water heating drain back system solar power systems

Information Pages

Check our information pages for detailed information about Solar Water Heating systems.

Why use Solar Water Heating?

Renewable energy

Solar water heating systems only use sunlight and are pollution free.

Reduced electricity bills

Solar water heating will reduce your electricity or gas bills drastically.

No more gas bottles

No more unhandy and expensive gas bottles.

Long Lifetime

Solar water heating systems have a guaranteed hot water production of up to 20 years.

Easy to install

Solar water heating can be installed on almost any house.

Completely silent

Solar water heating systems make no noise and are completely silent.

Free energy

Solar energy is 100% free energy.

No maintenance

No maintenance is required.

Long warranties

Our solar water heating systems all come with long warranties.

Smart investment

Solar Water Heating systems can be earned in as soon as 3 years.

Can be installed anywhere

Solar water heating systems can easily be installed on roofs, on terraces and in gardens.

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is one of the most ideal places for the use of solar water heating systems.


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