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Water Descaling (Anti-lime)

Protect your body and your household appliances

Water Descaling (Anti-lime)

Mostly, the water from our taps has little in common with mountain spring water and its structure. In our water pipes, the natural structure of our water is destroyed by water pressure and general pollution. Our water descaling systems will bring this natural structure right back. 

Our technology transforms conventional tap water into highly structured water with a natural, crystalline structure. Furthermore, besides transforming the structure of tap water, the system also changes the structure of lime. Before the system is installed, the lime is aggressive and adhering, while afterwards it is smoothened and therefore cannot settle on the walls of pipes or in angles. However, the vitalized and transformed water is not only advantageous to our pipes. The whole household benefits from this soft water.

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Lime Problems

At first glance, hard water is harmless for humans. However, it causes many inconveniences and problems. Aside from white stains on sink, tiles, fittings and dishes as well as hygienic problems due to bacteria in lime scale, lime especially damages pipes in buildings. It creates a continuously growing, stubborn layer on the inside, leading to high energy losses, blocked pipes, calcified heating rods in washing machine, boiler and water heater or to a restricted water flow within a short period of time. Without sufficient protection of your domestic installation, expensive damages and repairs as well as a shortened durability of your household appliances can be the result. Every millimeter of lime scale goes along with an increase in energy consumption of 12% to 18%, leading to higher costs.

Insidious Lime Scale

Hard water leads to lime scale in kitchen and bathroom that is hard and difficult to remove. Especially kitchen utensils and fittings are affected by that. Our system ensures that water becomes softer with the result that lime scale does not even occur or that it is much easier to remove. During the evaporation of water, lime residues cannot be prevented. However, thanks to the system, these residues can be wiped off easily with a wet cloth.

This does not only save time but also money with regard to cleansing agents. In comparison to conventional water softeners that come with different side effects, the system operates without any salts or other chemicals!

Protect your household appliances

In your washing machine, an increasing amount of lime gathers over time. This damages not only the heating rod but also the washing drum, hoses and pipes. The heating rod can stop working. Hoses that have been corroded by lime can start leaking and damage your washing machine. Furthermore, lime affects your washing results: Especially with low temperatures not all traces of washing powder can be removed inside your washing machine. This can lead to mould, bacteria and finally to unpleasant smells. Similarly, other appliances suffer from lime. Often chemical descaling agents from the supermarket are used. Aside from the effort and costs this takes, chemical substances damage appliances and the environment on a long-term basis. Further benefits arise for dish washers, coffee machines, etc. – all appliances that are in touch with water.

  • The durability of your appliances is extended
  • Conventional descaling agents from the supermarket are no longer necessary
  • Less cleansing agent is needed
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Shower Heads, Taps, Fittings and Surfaces

Besides insidious damages, lime also leaves visible traces every day. Water is constantly used, for showering, cooking, washing or cleaning, and therefore also its annoying companion – lime. Lime scale is especially annoying in the bathroom where surfaces and fittings have to be polished laboriously and mostly with chemical cleansing agents. Soft water has another positive side effect: In general, cleaning (e.g. of window panes) requires smaller amounts of cleansing agent and less force.

  • Less cleansing agent is needed
  • Long-lasting brilliance of fittings and surfaces
  • Shower heads and taps do not fur up, and their durability is extended

Water descaling, Water descaling, Water descaling

Humans, animals and plants

Pure Taste

It is recommended to drink two to three liters of water per day. However, not only the quantity is crucial but also the quality of the water we drink. Vitalized and activated water means pure vitality and enjoyment. A balanced and healthy diet is based, among other things, on the usage of high-quality water.

Humans who take care of their diet and of the quality of their lives also have high expectations regarding the quality of their water.

Completely According to Your Taste

Did you know that humans can perceive more than ten thousand different aromas? There is good reason why people often talk about an “explosion of flavor”. In transformed aquaSpin-water all aromas and ingredients can develop their full flavors.

Experiencing Aroma in a New Way!

A pleasure for all senses – vitalized water convinces with a fine taste, high digestibility and long durability. Therefore, coffee and tea lovers swear on soft, fresh and vitalized water. It ensures that drinking becomes an extraordinary experience and that all dishes develop flavors beyond compare.

Humans, animals and plants

Animals and Plants

Not only humans benefit from our technology. Animals and plants also feel the difference. Experience shows that activated water increases plant growth, flowerage, the durability of cut flowers, etc. Animals prefer activated water and drink more. Their vitality is strengthened.

Therefore, our innovation is not only interesting for your own pet or plants but also for horticulture, live-stock breeding and industry.

Bathing and Showering

The soft tap water that has been transformed with aquaSpin supports your well-being. Whether it is in your bathroom, shower, whirl- or swimming-pool, the vitalized water is a blessing for your hair and skin, and it also spares your fittings and installations. After a bath with aquaSpin-water, your skin feels much softer, your hair is shining, your muscles are relaxed, and you feel energetic. Above that, due to the positive water transformation, the users of the aquaSpin-technology actively protect the environment. With soft water less shower gel, shampoo and bath salt is needed.

This is why bath and wellness lovers swear on bio-energetically vitalized and activated aquaSpin water.

How does the system work?

The water activators are properly and easily installed downstream of the water gauge and after any possible water filter on an existing cold water connection by one of our many qualified fitters. Quick, easy and uncomplicated – the aquaSpin technology requires little space and neither an electrical connection nor a water outlet, compared to conventional water softeners.

  • One-shot investment: Conventional water softeners often require a yearly service, however, with our aquaSpin no regular maintenance costs will arise.
  • Maximal comfort: The aquaSpin technology is highly effective and without any negative side effects. Neither salt nor energy is consumed. Thus, the aquaSpin is also environmental friendly.
  • Guarantee: The system has a guarantee of 5 years.
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